NVIT Student Leadership Team finishes strong for the 2013/14 year!

For the 2013/14 academic year, students from both the Merritt and Vancouver campus had a chance to participate in an NVIT Student Leadership Team. Students signed up to do volunteer work giving back to both the NVIT community and the community of Vancouver and Merritt at large.

At the end of their volunteer hours, participants celebrated by participating in the 2014 Annual Sun Run held in Vancouver. Below are some photos of the students as they volunteered in several projects including assisting with the NVIT Career Fair, serving hot lunch at the local ‘soup kitchen’, serving elders at the NVIT Elders’ Tea, handing our nonperishable food and clothing items to those in need and basically being on call for any other job or duty that was required from the Events Coordinator.

The NVIT Student Leadership comprised of 16 students crossing all the programs with equal representation from both campuses. In turn for their volunteer hours, NVIT sponsored the students to attend the Vancouver Sun Run.

Of being a part of the NVIT Student Leadership Team, William Sandy, a second year Associate of Arts Degree student says: “I really enjoyed being a part of the NVIT student Leadership because it gave me the opportunity to be more involved with the NVIT. Over the past school year, we have been able to volunteer with various community functions (Elder’s Tea, Social Work Week, etc.) to connect us with others, not only as students but as community members, which increases social and relationship skills in different settings. This experience has also created student friendships from different programs within NVIT. I would encourage future students to take part in this experience, to benefit themselves as well as others. “

Naomi Narcisse, whom recently graduated this May, says: “Being a part of the NVIT leadership team was a great experience. I have just completed my associate of arts Criminology and it was a good way to end my time at NVIT. I felt like I was part of a group/team and made some new friend ships and bonded with classmates. Helping at the Elders luncheon made me feel inspired by being around all the wisdom and at the Career fair made me feel excited for all the youth in attendance. My educational goals are rejuvenated and stronger because of the NVIT groups and programs I took part in. I am sad to say ‘see ya later’ but I’ll always come back to NVIT to visit as it is another home to me.” For more information on student life at NVIT, contact an Events Officer at either campus at 1.877.682.3300 and check back to this blog often to see how student life is at NVIT!

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